Quintessential Quaker

A quote chosen by a member for discussion each Sunday. August’s quotations chosen by Susan McP , July’s by Dereck C.T.

August 16 The practice of love offers no place of safety. We risk loss, hurt, pain. We risk being acted upon by forces outside our control. Keep practicing love. ~bell hooks -1952-2021- Black American scholar, poet and activist

August 8 We are not at peace with others because we are not at peace with ourselves, and we are not at peace with ourselves because we are not at peace with God. ~Thomas Merton – 1915-1968-  American trappist monk, writer, poet, social activist, mystic

July 31 The world needs more seekers and not be content with beliefs gain from childhood and worldly indoctrination. Beliefs have no place when it comes to the truth. Remember “ Seek and ye shall find” and only when you have truly sought and studied. You will find peace. ~Jidda Krishnamuti.

July 24 Who else hold the winds in his fists and wraps up the ocean in his cloak? Who but God created the world? If there is another, what is his name. If you know it. ~Proverbs 30:4

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