Quintessential Quaker

A quote chosen by a member for discussion each Sunday. October’s quotes contributed by George W, November’s by Donna M.

November 21 “Sometimes we have to rush when we do not want to, because we need to meet someone else’s schedule. Sometimes we have to miss our walk or our time alone or our time to pray in order to tend to the legitimate demands others have on our time. At those times we must relinquish our own desire for quiet or refreshment, knowing that at other times people are relinquishing their desire for sabbath time in order to meet our needs. We can relinquish that desire because we have the power to let it go, to give it away. Keeping sabbath helps us be in charge of ourselves, so we can use time the way we want to.” ~ Sabbath Keeping: Sabbath Keeping by Donna Schaper: Relinquishing as Sabbath by Donna Schaper

November 14 “Jesus was continually using power in a different way than most of us use it. He was perpetually keeping sabbath but keeping it his own way. In Luke’s story of the bent-over woman whom Jesus heals on the sabbath, the people in power ask Jesus why he dares to heal on the holy day (Luke 13:10-14). He tells them, “Because I have power, that’s why.  I have so much power that I can decide how to use my power. I can even give it away.”” ~ “Sabbath Keeping: Relinquishing as Sabbath” by Donna Schaper

November 7 “What’s going on when a tradition founded on “the word became flesh” is so fearful of the body and sexuality? Or when a tradition grounded in “love your neighbour” makes so many neighbours into the fearsome “other” and casts them into the outer darkness?” ~ From Parker Palmer, “On the Brink of Everything”

October 31 “I have never lost the enjoyment of sitting in silence at the beginning of meeting, knowing that everything can happen, knowing the joy of utmost surprise; feeling that nothing is preordained, nothing is set, all is open. The light can come from all sides. The joy of experiencing the Light in a completely different way than one has thought it would come is one of the greatest gifts that Friends’ meeting for worship has brought me.” – Ursula Franklin, 1979

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