Quintessential Quaker

A quote chosen by a member for discussion each Sunday. June’s quotes contributed by Carl T. May’s quotes chosen by Carol W.

June 20 “…the worst thing we can do with a dilemma is to resolve it prematurely because we the lack the courage to live with uncertainty” ~ William Sloan Coffin – from the book “The Courage to Love”

June 13 “Winning is the least useful thing that can happen in any conflict”.  E.F. Schumacher – real conflicts are resolved only by transforming them into non-conflicts.  From the book “Pacifism as a Map” – Ursula M. Franklin

June 6 Carl Jung, the Swiss psychiatrist, had this saying inscribed over the door of his house.   “Summoned or not, God will be present”.

May 30 Christian ethics are not determined once and for all in statements carved in stone. – Faith and Practice of Canadian Yearly Meeting, p.12

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