Quintessential Quaker

A quote chosen by a member for discussion each Sunday. December’s quotes contributed by Christopher P, January’s by Pat M.

January 16 “New dispensations may await us; the Kingdom may come in ways we never dreamed of; the beyond may be more momentous than we have ever expected, but always and everywhere ‘the within’ determines ‘the beyond,’ and character is destiny.” ~ Rufus Matthew Jones, The Inner Life

January 9 “Once a state has completely withered away, it is an extremely difficult task to re-create it, as Blackwell quickly discovered. If Blackwell had been under any illusions that the Quakers were a meek and passive people, he was in for a rude surprise. He was to find very quickly that devotion to peace, to liberty, and to individualism in no sense implies passive resignation to tyranny. Quite the contrary.” ~ Murray N. Rothbard, Conceived in Liberty

January 2 “When we really want to hear, and be heard by, someone we love, we do not go rushing into noisy crowds. Silence is a form of intimacy. That’s how we experience it with our friends and lovers. As relationships grow deeper and more intimate, we spend more and more quiet time alone with our lover. We talk in low tones about the things that matter. We do not shout them to each other. We may shout about them to others, but quietness is the hallmark of love.” ~ J. Brent Bill, Holy Silence: The Gift of Quaker Spirituality.

December 26

We couldn’t
have made it up
Our own minds
too dim
for its shining
But it was given,
and though
out of our grasp,
we can behold
it’s strange
and welcome its
sure embrace
The sign was
from both
mighty angels
and a helpless
living and breathing
There is nothing
static here,
no lofty theory
or abstract
It does not come,
but by a
movement of heart,
of active compassion
We only see it,
experience it
and know it
by it being given
and received.
And so
the divine triunity
is also a movement,
a dancing of
blessing in every direction
Never without
motion of their
gracious heart
they have surrounded
and embedded
into all things
so that
even amidst
the parsing of particles,
and the telescoping
of quasars and
black holes,
their movement
of love
may be
and shared

Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship

Reflection: How can we show love unconditionally to ourselves, our family, our friends, our neighbourhood and our world?

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