Quintessential Quaker

A quote chosen by a member for discussion each Sunday. June’s quotes contributed by Carl T and July’s by Margaret S.

July 25 “Sing and rejoice ye children of the day and the light; for the Lord is at work in this thick night of darkness that may be felt: and the Truth doth flourish as the rose, and lilies do grow among the thorns and the plants atop the hills, and upon them the lambs doth skip and play.”  ― George Fox, The Journal of George Fox

July 18

Amidst all discouragements in a human way, faith comes in to our aid, even trust in God, who hath often brought forth events beyond all human comprehension. ~ John Rutty, 1773

July 11 “The best sermons are lived, not preached.”

July 4 “Every child matters.”

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