Quintessential Quaker

A quote chosen by a member for discussion each Sunday. May’s quotations chosen by Donna M. Each May QQ comes from Parker Palmer’s “On the Brink of Everything” pp 45-47. Parker gave a commencement address in 2015 when he shared suggestions with the audience. Following are four of these suggestions.

May 7- My first suggestion is simple…. Be passionate about some part of the natural and or human worlds, and take risks on its behalf, no matter how vulnerable they make you.

May 14 – Second, take everything that is bright and beautiful in you, and introduce it to your shadow side. Let your altruism meet your egotism, your generosity meet your greed, your joy meet your grief.

May 21 – Third, as you welcome whatever you find alien within yourself extend the same welcome to whatever you find alien in the outer world. I don’t know of any virtue more important these days than hospitality to the stranger, to those we perceive as “other” than us.

Fourth, take on big jobs worth doing, jobs like the spread of love, peace and justice. This means refusing to be seduced by our cultural obssession with being effective as measured by short term results.

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