Past Events

The Only Way Forward” with Nancy RussellFebruary 28

1. Overview of The Only Way Forward Project. This includes the notion of “Defunding”, sometimes called “detasking” the police. Nancy will highlight salient points that hold particular interest for Coldstream meeting.

2. Showing part of CAHOOTs program. This is a crisis response program that has been successfully running for over 30 years. 

3. Q & A discussion.

Communication Challenges with Matt Legge – January 31, 2021

Matt is the Peace Program coordinator, Canadian Friends Service Committee and author of “Are We Done Fighting Yet?” 

Matt presented research into communication challenges and what goes wrong in difficult conversations and then had a participant, Carol W, try to respond to his acting as someone with strong contrary views.

If you were unable to attend you can access a similar presentation by Matt here:

The Canadian Friends Service Committee’s site regarding peace and Are We Done Fighting Yet? is here:

You can also read Matt’s blog in Psychology Today here:

12th Night – January 9, 2021

While we missed sharing a pot luck meal, we did thoroughly enjoy one another’s company if only via Zoom. And while some prefer not to, or are unable to ‘Zoom’, others were only able to attend 12th Night because we did Zoom.

As always, the offerings were remarkable. Beautiful poetry, stories including a funny, funny tale from Willie that we won’t soon forget, a Quaker quiz, two opportunities to join in song, participation in Qigong, a lovely duet of The White Cliffs of Dover, what the gifts of ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’ might signify, some lively fiddle pieces, a game that got the body and the brain cells moving (won by Stephen), and an intriguing rendition of “T’was the Night Before Christmas,” pandemic version. All in all a fun evening in great company.

Annual Picnic – Sunday, September 6

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