What to expect at Meeting

About Quakers

We meet every Sunday at 10:30 at the Meeting House when permitted and virtually via Zoom.

The Meeting for Worship is held in silence, or the silent expectation that the spirit of God will speak to us. The silence can however be broken by anyone who feels led to speak.  What an individual says should be worshipful.  As such, what is said stands on its own and is not open for criticism or discussion.

The Worship lasts one hour at which time an appointed member of the meeting will indicate that the Meeting for Worship is over.

While the formal Meeting for Worship is over, it is our practice to use the following half an hour as a time to share and to make introductions and announcements.  Most Sundays we take some time to reflect on and discuss our weekly quote submission (affectionately called a QQ, a Quintessential Quaker).  You are welcome to stay and participate.

(A link to the details of how to participate in person or via Zoom.)

On the third Sunday we share over a noon meal and afterwards, in the early afternoon, we have our monthly business meeting. 

You can find videos about Quaker worship here https://quakerspeak.com/basics/.

We look forward to welcoming you. Please join us one Sunday by contacting George or Pat


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