We meet every Sunday at 10:30 at the Meeting House and virtually via Zoom. (For Covid-19 protocols see below.)

Third Sunday of the month (except in August) – we also have an in-person Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business which begins at 1:00 PM. Please bring a bag lunch and your own beverage as we will not be potlucking due to Covid-19.

Sunday, September 27 After Meeting for Worship
A discussion regarding reinstating greeters/friends to visitors  – Pros and cons, what would be expected, how to implement, who would be interested in helping.
Hosted by the Communications and Outreach Committee

October 24 & 25 Pelham Half Yearly Meeting will attend the Friends World Committee for Consultation Northeast Regional Gathering

If you are attending a Coldstream meeting in person please follow these guidelines to keep everyone safe:

  • Sanitize your hands when entering and exiting the building. Hand sanitizer is on the table by the guest book.
  • Maintain social distancing in your seating and as you visit with one another.
  • A Zoom meeting is running on a laptop and is displayed on a TV. You will see those who are joining us via Zoom. You will hear their voices through the TV’s speakers.
  • If you offer vocal ministry, please begin by identifying yourself (“This is Tom,” or “Pat speaking.”) and speak distinctly turning toward the TV. This will help those on Zoom participate fully.
  • The silence will come to a close with a statement of welcome rather than the traditional shaking of hands.

If you are attending a meeting via Zoom:

  • Those attending via Zoom will be displayed and heard on a TV in the Meeting House.
  • The Zoom meeting opens at 10:15. Please do your best to join the meeting no later than 10:25 so that the host, who must admit people to the meeting, can settle into the silence with everyone else at 10:30.
  • If you need to join the meeting after 10:30, you are most welcome, just as you would be at the Meeting House. Please be aware though that there may be a delay in the host admitting you as there is no sound cue that you are waiting, and it is possible that the host may not see you at all.
  • Before the meeting starts, please check that you are muted and mute yourself if you are not. This prevents sounds from everyone on Zoom being heard. You will hear the sounds at the Meeting House as we leave that mike open.
  • If you wish to offer vocal ministry, unmute yourself and begin by identifying yourself (“This is Tom,” or “Pat speaking.”) Please mute yourself when you have finished.
  • The silence will come to a close with a statement of welcome.

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